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Earn to Burn Digital Employee Incentives Program

‘Earn to Burn’ is a Digital Employee Incentives Program designed to increase employee productivity/efficiency and decrease injuries and accidents in the workplace. Here’s how it works! Employees accrue points by hitting certain goals and objectives (metrics) laid out by managers at the beginning of the program. Employees can then visit the ‘Earn to Burn’ Incentives Website to trade in these points for promotional products with your company’s logo. Products like Carhartt Jackets, Boots, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Tumblers, Calendars and any other product you could imagine can all be traded for these accrued points. This allows you to incentivize productivity, efficiency and safety. In turn, we hope to increase your total output, decrease worker’s compensation costs and maximize your profits in the long run. When employees earn the points, they get the satisfaction of burning the points... They are as good as cash on the incentives website, which is what creates the value. That value is what motivates your employees. To get started, we complete these four easy steps:

Step 1-Setup Employee Incentives Website

The first step is to allow Keen Promotions to setup your customized Employee Incentives Website. You can choose the products, how many points they are worth and set up the rules of the program. When the website goes live, encourage employees to visit the site to learn more, and to see how they can obtain FREE products. Let them know this is their reward for doing their job well and (more importantly) for avoiding injuries on the job.

Step 2-Set the Metrics

While we’re building the website, the next course of action is to clearly identify your goals and objectives for employees. This usually includes (but is not limited to) productivity goals, efficiency details and safety objectives. For example, a construction company may give 100 points to employees for every week they go with no accidents/injuries, 200 points for getting ahead on their current project timeline, 300 points for every project they finish and 500 points for every year they are with the company. There is no limit to how many metrics you can set, and the metrics will directly correlate to your specific company's goals and objectives. In this way, we can directly affect employee behavior through positive reinforcement, while increasing your brand awareness and employee morale with promotional products.

Step 3-Implement the Program

This is the easy step! Sit back… put your feet up… and focus on the elements of your business that need your attention, knowing that your employees are incentivized and motivated to exceed your expectations. Keep all employees informed of the program, encourage them to track their points on the website and give out bonus points for employees that go the extra mile (optional). Just because it isn’t one of your original metrics, doesn’t mean you can’t award points for it! Use the program as your motivational management tool wherever you see fit. If you see behavior you want to encourage, then reward it with points. By doing this, you will be channeling the ambition of all employees.

Step 4-Exchanging Points for Promotional Products

When employees have accrued enough points for the product they desire, they can log on to the website and exchange their points for that particular product. This is where the rubber meets the road, and the true value of the incentives program is created. Your goals as a leader, manager or owner are fulfilled and the employee is rewarded for helping the company reach those goals. This also helps create a harmonious relationship between employees and supervisors that reciprocates clear goal definitions and respect. As an added bonus, the product(s) they choose will have your logo on it, promoting your business while rewarding your employees. Everybody wins! Then, the employee jumps back into the point accrual process once again as the process is repeated.


In the U.S.A., 10,000 workers are injured or become ill at work every single day (on average). The harsh reality is that this is very costly for businesses. The costs of re-training new employees, worker’s compensation insurance and lost time are an ongoing expense problem that can get way out of hand. This is especially true for certain businesses like manufacturers, construction companies and any company relying on blue collar labor. The good news is, companies have been known to lower their workplace injury costs up to 40% (or more) after implementing safety incentives programs just like this. The program also offers the added benefit of the promotional product marketing function increasing brand awareness and your logo visibility along with the impact(s) the program will make on your employee work habits. This program is a three-in-one strategy to decrease workplace injury costs, increase productivity on the individual employee level and to promote your business. There’s not many programs that offer this functionality in so many areas of your business. Give your employees a good reason to treat your business responsibilities, like their own responsibilities. Decrease costly accidents, motivate your employees and promote your brand with ‘Earn to Burn’ Digital Employee Incentives Program.