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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to get my T-shirts (or apparel) printed? How do I get a quote?

Every T-shirt design is different and will make the pricing on these customized products vary from product to product. If you’d like to get a quote, send an email to or call 423-968-5646 to have a Promotional Product Professional look at the details of your order or product needs to get an accurate pricing quote.

What is Screen Printing? Embroidery?

Screen printing is the process of using special inks to create customized designs on certain promotional products. It is usually done to Apparel (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, etc.) or specific Advertising Specialty Products like Pens, Cups and Bags. Embroidery is the process of creating a logo or image using hundred of small threads woven into a particular fabric in a very specific way creating the image. Embroidery is usually reserved for Collared Shirts, Golf Shirts and other high end products.

How is my price for promotional products calculated? What makes my price go up or down?

There are many factors that play into the pricing of promotional products. Things like the brand, style and/or material the product is made out of can play into pricing. Also the number of items you order can affect price, as it is cheaper per item, to buy in bulk. When screen printing, the number of colors, the number of imprint locations and the color of the item being imprinted on can all affect the price of your items. Embroidery price is calculated by the stitch, so the larger or more intricate a logo is, the more expensive it is to embroider. This also varies by product. Other things that affect price are matching exact PMS colors, extra imprint locations, proof charges, art charges (to make logos/images printable), taxes and shipping. These are not all included on every product and are subject to change by product.

Is it cheaper to buy in bulk?

Yes. It is much cheaper to buy in bulk. A good rule of thumb is the price per product goes down as your quantity of that product goes up. This holds true for the actual product (i.e. T-shirt, Hats, Pens, etc.) and for the logo printing/embroidery process. It’s cheaper to screen print or embroider more products at once.

What is a Screen Charge?

A screen charge is the cost associated with the screen printer having to create a new screen to complete the design or logo. A new screen is needed for every color and every location, and there is a charge for this. For example, if we had a one location, front imprint that was orange, blue and white then we would have three screen charges for every color on this imprint location. It’s critical to talk to a Promotional Product Professional at Keen Promotions about this. Often times, we can reduce this cost considerably through design revisions and through other color options.

What is a Setup Charge?

Advertising Specialty Products (Pens, Coffee Mugs, Cups, etc.) often have a Setup Charge. This is the cost for the supplier to apply your logo to the particular product. It is also standard for the supplier to list the quantity and the cost per individual product as it relates to that quantity as to show the product getting cheaper as the order quantity goes up.

Is there a minimum order?

For screen printing on apparel, the minimum is a 12-piece order. For embroidery, the minimum is an 8-piece order. Advertising Specialty Products will vary according to the manufacturer and will be outlined in your quote.

Can I fully customize the product I choose?

Yes! You can fully customize any product in almost any way you could imagine. Just ask, and we will find out what is possible. Get creative! You’d be surprised what we can pull off! Remember, the more customized a product gets, the higher the cost to achieve this customization.

What is a proof?

A proof is document that shows a sample image of what your product is expected to look like. All proofs must be approved before the production process can be started and turnaround times are reflected after proof approval.

How long does it take to get my order fulfilled?

Each product can have a different turn around rate. Unless otherwise noted, you can expect the turnaround time to be 7-10 business days after proof approval.

What kind of file does my logo need to be in? Can you handle this if it’s not?

For a logo or design to be printable, it must first be put into an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai file) or a Coreldraw file (.cdr file). This is so the image can be vectorized or rasterized (depending on the image type) for screen printing. This allows the image to broken down into layers for each individual screen. To get these files in the correct format we need high resolution .JPG or .PDF files if possible. If not, we can handle getting your image/logo prepped for screen printing.

If I only have a low quality image, can we use that to screen print/embroider?

If you don’t have access to a high resolution file, Keen Promotions can take care of this for you. We can get any quality file digitized into the correct format and ready for printing at a nominal cost.

I don’t have a logo or design file with what I want on my promotional product(s) yet. Can you make a logo for me? Let me design my own shirt?

Yes! We can help you make your own logo or design a promotional product. Stop by our office to design your own product on our virtual T-Shirt Design Program or detail what you’d like to see on a given shirt and we can have one of our graphic designers mock this up for you. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure the product turns out exactly how you’ve envisioned it.

What is a Digital Marketing Campaign?

A Digital Marketing Campaign is a strategic. integrated and creative plan focused around digital marketing platforms like Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and other Digital Advertising Tactics. All tactics are centered on one messaging idea or theme that is designed to engage the target audience it’s geared towards, increase engagement with them, start a two-way conversation and ultimately bring you more business.

How does your Digital Employee Incentives Program ‘Earn to Burn’ work?

‘Earn to Burn’ is a Digital Employee Incentives Program designed to increase employee productivity/efficiency and decrease injuries and accidents in the workplace. Here’s how it works! Employees accrue points by hitting certain goals and objectives (metrics) laid out by managers at the beginning of the program. Employees can then visit the ‘Earn to Burn’ Incentives Website to trade in these points for promotional products with your company’s logo. Products like Carhartt Jackets, Boots, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Tumblers, Calendars and any other product you could imagine can all be traded for these accrued points. This allows you to incentivize productivity, efficiency and safety. In turn, we hope to increase your total output, decrease worker’s compensation costs and maximize your profits in the long run.

How can you help me Fundraise for my school, organization or team?

Keen Promotions has multiple options for fundraising. We offer everything from discount cards, food fundraisers to T-Shirt Fundraisers. Some are pre-set catalogs that are ready to run and others are built over time and highly customized for each fundraising need. Whatever option you go with, Keen Promotions is committed to helping run, manage and administrate the fundraiser for you so that you can focus on what’s important... Hitting your fundraising goal(s)!

Can we bring our own T-shirts to get imprinted?

In certain cases, we have allowed this in the past. DISCLAIMER: If you bring your own products to be screenprinted or embroidered we cannot guarantee the product will turn out correct. If there was an error on a product or product design that we ordered, then we can take care of the issue at no outside cost to you by working with our manufacturers. If you provide your own product, and there is an error, then you’ll have to buy more of that same product for the same price and essentially start over since we can’t exchange or replace them. There are no refunds or exchanges on customer provided products.

What is a four color process?

Four Color Process is the process of using four different colors in the design or printing process in order to achieve a certain color or shade. It is oftentimes used in screen or pad printing to get the exact colors required.